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Badass Booze Busters!

5 Bonafide Tips to lay off the sauce

I'm two years alcohol-free and still going strong! Just wanted to share what works for me in hopes of encouraging others. And, although these tips may be helpful for sobriety, some are actually useful reminders for living a mindful existence. ❤︎

1. Find a quality drinking substitute.

One of the secrets I discovered (early on) is to find quality non-alcoholic alternatives for beer, wine and spirits you regularly order/enjoy. Seriously...they saved me! There are so many new, surprisingly tasty options on the market that mimic alcohol counterparts, or plant-based options that are emerging as their own sophisticated functional drink category! I usually go for an NA something-or-other in the evening because it satisfies the "ritual" part of it all for me, but booze-free = imbibe anytime! Try these motivating Dry January deals!

2. Get your ass on a consistent workout routine.

I c-a-n-n-o-t stress this enough. It really doesn't have to be a heavy workout. Even a short walk around the block will do! Do it consistently and stay hydrated. Get your mind on something else...get the body moving & the blood flowing. Plus, the endorphins will alleviate anxiety and thrust you into a better mood! I try to exercise early in the morning because it sets a more positive tone for the rest of my day.

3. Chew sugarless gum.

I'm no doctor, but chewing gum has helped me immensely (as odd as it seems). The sugar cravings can be tricky once you quit drinking and I find that a stick of sugarless gum - or three 😛 - does wonders for anxiety and keeps me off the snack train. There's something relaxing about it, too.

Personally, I dig cinnamon, and Extra does last longer (I've tried tons), but any flavor will work! I do not chew gum when

I'm on the phone or talking with people in person. 😁

4. Engage in a new hobby.

Work your creativity muscles and schedule fun activity time. Everyone has something they love to do in their "me" space - even if you haven't discovered it, yet! Set aside time to get better at a hobby you enjoy. I have always loved taking pictures and I find that experimenting with photography engages my attention and takes my mind off booze.

5. Start journaling.

This is absolutely essential. Writing in a notebook will accomplish two things. First, it will hold you accountable to yourself and second, it will allow you to track your progress. Simply take five to ten minutes at the end of each day to jot a few thoughts about your day - cravings, the reasons why you decided to quit, anything you might want to scream...just do it! You'll sleep better once that load is noted somewhere, too! In addition to a written journal, I used the I Am Sober app for daily motivation!

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." ~ John Wooden

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