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Rum-Apple Cider-Ginger Fizz

Try this easy, colorful seasonal cocktail for your fall gathering!

Inspired by the beautiful scenery of Idyllwild, CA...

The dark rum gives a warm, toasted spice decadence you and your guests will love! It's also got a wonderful vanilla aroma and a little heat kick that vibes with the sweetness of the fresh apple cider. The ginger ale adds just enough bubbly ginger spice!

Finish this festive drink with a cinnamon stick for a classic holiday taste and style!

What you'll need:

Give it a whirl!

  • Use a chilled glass.

  • Add rum and cider.

  • Top off with ginger ale.

  • Stir with cinnamon stick - leave it in for garnish & flavor!

Sip and enjoy!

Note: You can add an ice cube or two to this if your glasses and rum are not chilled.

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