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Your go-to resource for non-alcoholic options. 

Vibe Log

Our Story

Something magical is happening. The non-alcoholic movement is evolving and the revolution is here to stay.

It's finally time for a fresh perspective and shift in the cultural narrative surrounding the stigma of sobriety. We must band together in unity, with pride and gratitude for our decision to live a sober lifestyle.

The rewind before the refresh...


I’m Trish, a California native who quit drinking on November 5th, 2020. Best decision ever. Yes...I'm about to celebrate 2 life-changing years!

I did it for a variety of reasons, the biggest one being to live a healthier lifestyle. I was so tired of feeling low energy, out of shape, losing control after too many pours and unintentionally hurting myself and others. I needed a big change.


Once I made the courageous decision to go cold turkey, I found myself feeling a little lost navigating through my new sober life. It was (and still is) challenging to find places that provide non-alcoholic options, be it family get-togethers, take-out, liquor stores, restaurants or bars. Settling for soda water with lime or sugary juices wasn't cutting it. Just because I gave up drinking didn’t mean that I no longer enjoyed the taste of alcohol or the "ritual" of happy hours!

Although support groups and how-to-quit books are extremely helpful, I was only piecing small bits of sobriety information together at a time. I really wanted a motivating, multi-faceted resource to make sense of all of it and stay on track...and that's what inspired the NA Vibes website.

Picture of Joel & Trish
Joel & Trish

My supportive life partner and personal tech guru Joel (he occasionally drinks alcohol) and I began to delve deeper into the non-alcoholic industry as a whole.  We researched data and processed tons of NA content. We learned that wonderful alternative spirits, wines, beers and mixers actually do exist and many are fantastic (so are the innovators behind the brands)! Some beverages mimic the real deal and others embrace a totally new, interesting NA category altogether! Who knew?!

We discovered a vast range of tasty, non-alcoholic products and experimented with MANY of them (and continue to - as you'll see). We love 'em. We're so grateful because they have changed our world. They've opened up an entirely new way for us to create and appreciate elevated, "adult-palate" NA cocktail drinks. And most importantly, they've kept me sober (FRESH) and somewhat sane. 🤪

The non-alcoholic movement is gaining traction and sober awareness is spreading throughout the world. Establishments in the US are beginning to include NA drinks on their menus, NA retail stores are breaking ground and NA lounges and trucks are popping up in cities everywhere. The coolest thing is that living a healthier lifestyle is attracting people from all ages and stages of sobriety…those who wish to drink less alcohol, those who live alcohol-free, the occasional drinkers, the sober-curious and those who simply want to intake less sugar and fewer calories!



Our primary goal is to help you tap into a new way to think about your drink. We want to motivate people to "Go FRESH" with sobriety and shift the stagnant cultural mindset. We hope to replace its long-lingering, tired stigma with a NA attitude full of respect, pride, and celebration.

FRESH is the new, non-stigmatic term for sobriety/not drinking alcohol. It's the new code word for Sober/Non-Alcoholic/Alcohol-Free/Zero-Proof... a more positive fresh spin on sobriety. It's all about showing up to a bar or restaurant and proudly ordering an NA beer, wine or cocktail.

  • "I go FRESH" is the new, shameless way to say, "I don't drink." It's no longer having to explain why you're not drinking alcohol to anyone.

  • Think "I'm FRESH" instead of "I'm a recovering, anonymous alcoholic."

  • FRESH is the new sober lifestyle. is a unique online tool for living the NA FRESH lifestyle. It provides non-alcoholic product options and useful resources to support all facets of sobriety including the social side of life. We’re hopeful you'll discover an exciting or interesting new beverage, recipe, story, restaurant, bar item or memento that makes you or someone else smile!

Join us.

Help us make the change we all want to see. Let's collectively shake things up and live the FRESH lifestyle together while we share experiences, grow, and spread positive NA Vibes!

Reach out to us anytime at We welcome the addition of NA-friendly establishments and events. Everyone benefits from your suggestions!

Here's a FRESH toast to you! 🥂 Cheers to sober serenity & freedom!

Tap into a way to think about your drink. @


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