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5 Buffalo bars to get craft mocktails

Janelle Harb - Jun 15, 2022

As bars seek to offer beverage choices that appeal to more people, non-alcoholic drink options are becoming increasingly popular. Here are five Buffalo restaurants that have curated zero-proof options that are as flavorful as any craft cocktail.

Casa Azul, 191 Allen St.

Known for its margaritas, Casa Azul’s freshly prepared zero-proof options are not to be dismissed. This summer’s menu features tropical flavors inspired by Mexican agua frescas, refreshing drinks made with blended fruit, water and sugar. The Hibiscus Orange steeps the flower over the stove, and is sweetened with orange and agave syrup. Other flavor profiles include avocado honey, mango and watermelon basil. From there, the agua frescas can be combined into other mocktail combinations. “That’s up to the bartenders to shake it up into something different,” said head chef and owner Zina Lapi.

Flint Kitchen & Bar, 40 Fountain Plaza

Flint’s recent directive has been the launch of a non-alcoholic cocktail menu. With different starring flavors to choose from, highlights include Sweet, which combines a Thai-basil syrup with coconut milk, lime and soda, and Bitter, which mixes cold brew with grapefruit and cardamom-maple syrup. Zero-proof spritzers liven up palettes using seedlip bitters, like the Garden Spritz which also adds cucumber-sesame syrup, green tea, lemon and tonic. “We thought it was a great opportunity to offer fun drinks that people can feel comfortable even drinking during the day,” co-owner Andrew Trautman said.


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