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Vibe Log

Announcing NA Deal Depot - The Non-Alcoholic Superstore!🥂

Hello crew!

If you're wondering why you have not heard from us lately, it's because we've been extremely busy working on a special project! 🤓 As you know, we strongly advocate for greater inclusivity for those choosing reduce or eliminate alcohol - for whatever reasons. There is a growing demand for non-alcoholic options of all kinds - with fewer calories, less sugar and more health benefits.

In the midst of purchasing loads of alcohol-free beverages for blogs, posts, and our own NA cocktail consumption, we found it increasingly challenging to find really good deals on a variety of products, because:

  1. They're not readily available in retail stores.

  2. Many amazing NA brands (in various categories) are difficult to find online, unless you already know exactly what you want.

We wanted to make it easier for people to discover non-alcoholic products and save a little, too!

The concept of having one convenient, easy-to-navigate online store (including delivery) inspired us to create NA Deal Depot - the Non-Alcoholic Superstore!( Our tagline is: We search. You save. They deliver.

Over the past few months, we've partnered over 40 amazing brands (and the inspiring individuals behind them) so we can present the best online deals and offers to YOU...all in one online store. You will find a designated deals page and a wide selection of non-alc spirits, brews, wines, botanical & functional drinks, RTDs (ready-to-drink), mixers, value-added waters, bar items, gifts and more!

Moving forward

Our focus will be to expand our product offerings, market and promote the new site (via NA Vibes, social media and additional outreach avenues) and provide top-notch customer service.

We’re working through the entire process, spreading the word in a gradual way to ensure we properly manage all facets of this new venture.

Here is the press release: Follow us!

Our new social media pages need some love and support. 💕 We'll add content to them as we proceed, but in the meantime - please follow, like and share! 👍🏼 We appreciate your continued support for the non-alcoholic community. We hope you'll shop NA Deal Depot for your next booze-free purchase - it will benefit the NA brands and allow us to continue our advocacy for this mindful movement.

Let's all raise a toast to a better tomorrow & easier access to healthier choices! 🥂



Current partner list (and growing):

Abstinence Spirits, All The Bitter, Amethyst Spirits, Athletic Brewing Co., AVEC DRINKS, Barsys, Bravus, Club Early Bird, Coterie, Cultureshrooms, Cut Above Zero Proof Spirits, De Soi Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Apéritif, Drink Monday, Inc., Drink Simple, Fruits for Drinks, Explorer Cold Brew, Ferm Fatale, Figlia, For Bitter For Worse, Grüvi, hiyo, Leilo, MantraBand, MIXOLOSHE, Moment | Drink Your Meditation, More Labs, Odyssey Elixir, OnlyOneStopShop, Portland Soda Works, Pricklee Cactus Water, Prima Pavé, Proud Source Water, Psychedelic Water, Ritual Zero Proof, Simple Times Mixers, Snowfox, Drink Sound, Sovi Wine Co., Spiritless, Taika, Tenneyson, The Bullish Store, The Free Spirits Company, The Whiskey Ball Co., The Wine Savant, Three Spirit, Tilden, Top Note Tonic Store, USN USA, VistaShops...


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