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Athletic Brewing Company launches into Tesco

Featured, News | Brewers Journal - October 18, 2022

America’s leading alcohol-free craft beer brand, today announced its expansion into Tesco UK. The beers will now be sold at 300 outlets across the UK beginning October 18.

Known for its award-winning alcohol-free craft brews, Athletic Brewing’s popular Run Wild IPA and Upside Dawn Golden Ale will now be available for purchase in one of the UK’s largest supermarket retailers.

At less than 0.5% ABV, Run Wild IPA is Fit For All Times. It is the ultimate session brew, carefully crafted with organic Vienna malt and a blend of five Northwest hops. The result is an alcohol-free IPA with an approachable bitterness and classic piney, citrusy aroma with a subtle, yet complex malt profile.

Upside Dawn Golden Ale is also less than 0.5% ABV and made with organic Vienna malt. This light-bodied brew is refreshing, balanced and gluten-free. A combination of English and American hops add earthy, spicy and citrusy notes.

Run Wild contains 65 calories and Upside Dawn contains 45 calories. They are perfect for craft beer drinkers looking to moderate alcohol consumption without compromising on taste. The brews are also vegan and non-GMO.

Since launching in 2017, Athletic Brewing has quickly become the largest alcohol-free craft beer brand in the U.S. The brand also recently became the best-selling beer (alcohol and alcohol-free) at U.S. Whole Foods Market locations.

Athletic Brewing founders Bill Shufelt and John Walker brewed more than 100 test batches on a small home brewing system in order to perfect their proprietary process. In the four years since the company launched, Athletic has grown from one of the smallest breweries in America to a top-20 craft producer. The company makes over 50 different alcohol-free beers each year in a range of styles, including lagers, stouts, porters and IPAs, among others.


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