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Whirl Ventures LLC Launches NAvibes.COM

E-Commerce Site Amalgamates Experiences & Products Tailored to Non-Alcoholic & Healthy Lifestyle Market

October 25, 2022 -- Burbank, CA -- Whirl Ventures, LLC., a West Coast digital e-commerce media creator, has announced the launch of, an all-in-one resource for the non-alcoholic (NA) market segment.

The website enables visitors to explore the NA realm and ”Tap Into A New Way to Think about Your Drink.“(TM pending). This lifestyle site introduces and sells new-to-market NA beverages, brands and products, provides informed blog content, elevated NA beer, wine, and spirit recipes, reviews, industry news, spotlight stories, a booze-free event calendar, gifts, and resources to overcome addiction. The domain also features a location-based non-alcoholic drink finder to search nearby NA-friendly bars, restaurants and retail establishments. is marketed for the newly sober, sober-curious, mindful drinkers, and consumers in between who wish to live a healthier lifestyle, achieve personal wellness, and discover emerging ways to approach the beverages they consume. The site enhances the fresh lifestyle of non-alcoholic enthusiasts by promoting ongoing sober group experiences, zero-proof tasting events, alcohol-free craft drink trends, and sober-themed products.

A major focus of the company’s mission is to educate restaurant and bar owners regarding the growth of the NA customer base, and amplify the importance of offering patrons sophisticated “adult-palate” non-alcoholic menu items. Further, the company will be actively promoting "FRESH" as the new, non-stigmatic term to convey the choice to not consume alcohol. Early subscribers to the site will receive a free, collectible FRESH Powerband (silicone wristband) to identify themselves as individuals who are abstaining from alcohol. The bands also serve as a powerful sobriety reminder.

According to, the US non-alcoholic beverage market size is valued at $225 billion in 2022. The market is growing at a CAGR of 3.8%. The industry will be valued at $234 billion in 2023 and is estimated to be $236 billion in 2024. Whirl Ventures, LLC. plans to donate a percentage of profits to charitable organizations.

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Trish Silverman stated, “We are witnessing an incredible drinking revolution in modern society -- a growing non-alcoholic movement of mindful consumers. Our ultimate goal is to replace the long-standing, often shame-inducing stigma of sobriety with a totally FRESH perspective.” Silverman believes that "sobriety takes courage and with the significant growth in non-alcoholic product offerings by major brands, consumers are empowered to embrace and celebrate their sober lifestyle in a social atmosphere. We anticipate that businesses will continue to recognize this growing trend, increase their non-alcoholic inventory to meet growing demand and realize the revenue-generating benefits."

Joel Stoner, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, elaborated, “Our site is a multi-faceted tool to navigate and empower the sobriety journey. We developed this unique, all-in-one resource to promote NA brands and products, and more importantly, to spread a FRESH ‘sober-proud’ awareness and lifestyle-enhancing options to the public." is a division of Whirl Ventures, LLC.

For media inquiries, contact:

Trish Silverman | Co-Founder


NAvibes Press Release Oct 25 2022
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