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Non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits, have all seen increases of 35%, 42%, and 203% respectively

05/24/2022 [Exerpts from original article]

Summer is nearly here and that’s something we’d like to raise a glass to. Without a doubt, refreshing alcoholic beverages and delicious mocktails play a big role when it comes to summertime fun. According to Instacart purchase data, as the weather heats up, so do alcoholic beverage sales…

Further, per a recent Instacart survey of more than 2,000 Americans ages 21+ conducted online by The Harris Poll, nearly 2 in 3 alcohol consumers (65%) agree they drink more alcoholic beverages when the weather is nice, and 66% agree they like to try new types of alcoholic drinks more in the summer compared to any other season. So whether you plan to relax on the beach, kick back in your own yard, or live it up somewhere in the middle, we’re here to point you to the buzziestdrinks to enjoy this summer. Let’s start sipping!

Hold the Booze

Non-alcoholic beverages, or traditionally alcoholic drinks without the alcohol such as non-alcoholic beer, wine, and especially spirits, have all seen notable increases over the last year growing 35%, 42%, and 203% respectively. With consumers becoming increasingly health-conscious, non-alcoholic drinks are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverages without any unwanted side effects.

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According to our survey, 57% of those who consume alcohol are interested in drinking non-alcoholic beverages this summer, and nearly half (49%) of those who are interested say it’s because they want a healthier replacement for alcoholic drinks. Here are some other top reasons why alcohol consumers are interested in non-alcoholic alternatives:

  • See you later, alcohol. Thirty-four percent want to reduce their alcohol intake.

  • Yum, mocktails. Thirty-three percent report genuinely liking the taste of non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Hangovers are so yesterday. Forty-four percent note they want to drink alcohol-flavored beverages without the possibility of a hangover or other negative impacts of alcohol.

Bill Shufelt, CEO of Athletic Brewing, the makers of beloved non-alcoholic craft brews, weighs in on the growth of this category: “Athletic Brewing is unlocking a generational opportunity for occasion growth in the adult beverage category. Where high-performance modern lifestyles had cornered alcohol into a weekends-only beverage, Athletic Brewing brings customers award-winning, non-alcoholic beer any day at any time. We’re seeing demand for this category grow, online and in-store. Especially during the summer season, people look for refreshing ways to rehydrate after getting outside, traveling, and exercising. Partnering with Instacart’s technology, it’s even easier to get Athletic beers to our customers.” Read the full article:

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