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Non-Alcoholic Liquor Stores Have Arrived and They’re Fabulous

The non-alcoholic liquor store wave has broken on American shores, and after trying our first adaptogenic mocktail at an LA POSTHOC salon, we were so impressed we decided to get a look inside this movement. Its effects were immediately relaxing and euphoric, as delightful as a proper cocktail without any loss of functionality! Suddenly I completely understood why these shops are popping up left and right around New York, LA and London. We had the opportunity to speak with, Douglas Watters, who opened Spirited Away in Manhattan in 2020 for the following endearing and highly relatable reason:

“I love making cocktails and drinking craft beers. I also want to live forever. The research on alcohol and longevity increasingly shows that those two interests are at odds with one another. Making really good ‘no and low’ ABV cocktails allows me to enjoy the ritual and the social aspects of cocktails without negative impact on my health.”

Beyond what we all know to be true, that alcohol negatively affects our health, the first sip of a Kin Euphorics mocktail (a co-founded by Bella Hadid and Jen Batchelor), begged the question of whether drinking could actually be good for you?! Kin contains GABA, a mood booster, and combined with lavender and citrus juices in the flavor I tried, it registered as a proper euphoric experience.

“Since consumption of NA products doesn’t result in a feeling of inebriation, many NA brands include ingredients that seek to provide other feelings instead,” Douglas explained. “Certain adaptogenic and nootropic ingredients can result in uplifting, mood-boosting feelings, calming, relaxing feelings and a host of other feelings.”

They also result in gorgeous, super-classy marketing imagery! But in terms of a customer-base, Douglas has seemingly found an entirely new demographic.

“The customers who become regulars are the ones who really enjoy the process of exploring a completely new category. They come to our tastings and are open to trying new things, comfortable knowing that they aren’t going to love everything they try but they will discover new things they love and that help them to achieve their health and wellness goals.”

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