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Paris gets a non-alcoholic wine shop. Will the French drink it?

Rebecca Rosman - NPR - September 3, 2022

PARIS - Augustin Laborde quit drinking during the early stages of the pandemic two years ago. But when things finally opened up, he says meeting up with friends in bars quickly became a frustrating experience.

"My only options were basically sugary soda or fruit juice," he says.

So Laborde, a lawyer with a passion for side projects, started doing some internet research.

Turns out, there was a whole range of alcohol-free beverages on the market; they just weren't on menus.

That's when a light bulb turned on.

In April, Laborde opened Le Paon Qui Boit, meaning The Drinking Peacock — which promotes itself as Paris' first non-alcoholic wine and liquor store. The shop boasts more than 300 bottles of low and zero-proof beers, wines, gins and whiskeys.


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