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Pernod Ricard gives debut to Seagram’s 0.0% in Spain

The beverage – sold as Seagram’s 0.0% – is the French giant’s first no-alcohol product in the country.

By Sarah Brady for Just Drinks | January 30, 2023

Wine-and-spirits group Pernod Ricard has launched an alcohol-free alternative to Seagram’s gin in Spain.

The beverage – sold as Seagram’s 0.0% – is the French giant’s first no-alcohol product in the country.

In a statement, the French giant said it is aiming to meet growing demand from consumers who are opting to moderate their alcohol intake.

Christian Seel, the marketing director of Pernod Ricard’s business in Spain, said: “With this launch, Seagram’s is providing a perfect alternative for anyone wanting to enjoy Seagram’s 100% character but now with 0% alcohol.”

The standard retail price (SRP) for a one-litre bottle of Seagram’s 0.0% is EUR18.39 (US$20.02).

When asked what makes Spain an optimal country for a no- or low-alcohol spirit brand, a spokesperson for Pernod Ricard said: “The gin category is a very popular and very dynamic category in Spain. In addition, Spain is a mature market which started two years ago to work on the low/non-alcohol category being the first country to launch the ‘light’ category with Beefeater Light and Ballantine’s Light references in order to answer to the growing ‘quiet drink’ trend.

“Now, we want to go one step further in this market entering the non-alcohol category with this launch handled by Seagram’s, one of the most popular gin brands in Spain and the brand that is growing the most nowadays in the gin category.”

Beefeater Light and Ballantine’s Light are what Pernod Ricard calls “spirit drinks”, with abvs of 20%.

On whether Seagrams 0.0% will remain exclusive to Spain, the spokesperson added: “The recent launch of Seagram’s 0.0% in Spain will give us the opportunity to follow its success and its acceptance by consumers, opening the possibility to expand this launch in other new markets it in the future.”

One segment of the market that has seen entrants both large and small, and appears set to drive future non-alcoholic category growth, is low- and no-alcohol spirits. The market for these products was worth US$143m globally in 2021 according to GlobalData, up from US$74m in 2017. By 2026, its value is predicted to top US$200m, giving the category a ten-year CAGR of 10.45%.


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