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Top 6 Deals for Dry January

To assist with Dry January resolutions, we've researched six of the best deals offered right now for stocking up on non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits. 1. Athletic Brewing Company is offering 50% off purchases if you subscribe to their Athletic Club. You can place your order, then modify your subscription later. It's free!

We just received our six 6-packs of a variety of AWESOME NA brews, along with a free beer glass AND free shipping for $35. We ordered our standard Free Wave, Run Wild, and Athletic Light, and took the opportunity to try their new Lodge Life and All Out, both dark beers that are seriously rich, along with another new one: No Grits No Glory, which we haven't tried yet, but based on how tasty all the others are, we can't wait to try it. Get this deal here!

2. Lyre's has an unrivaled selection of products - some are 'stand-ins' for the real thing, such as their Highland Malt Whiskey, or their Pink London Spirit (their take on Gin), or their Classico Grande, a brilliant bubbly for any special occasion. They also have a good selection of RTD (Ready To Drink) cans, which are great for a quick-fix at home or on the road.

They're offering their Classics Premix Pac which includes 4 cans each of their G&T, Amalfi Spritz, and Classico for $38 instead of $44.97, a 15% discount. Get your deal here! They're also offering another combo of RTDs - 4 cans each of: Dark & Spicy, American Malt & Cola, with their G&T at the same 15% discount Get this deal here!

3. If you're more of a cocktail drinker, you'll be amazed at the products from Monday. Our entrance into the NA movement started with their alcohol free Gin, which was so good we tried their Whiskey, which is also quite impressive.

Now, Mezcal (a cousin of Tequila) is an acquired taste, but if you're a Mezcal drinker, you'll definitely raise your eyebrows in surprise when you taste Monday's version. Wow! All three products have a nice burn...

Monday is offering a "Dry JanuaryPack" with these 3 spirits, as well as 3 matching mixers and recipe cards. The normal price for the bundle is $180, but you can ordering it now for just $99, which is an amazing 45% discount. 4. A relative newcomer to us in this space is Grüvi. They offer a great mix of products, including RTD cans of Sangria, Red Wine,

and a number of NA Beers. In fact, they won a Gold Metal for Best Non-Alcoholic Beer in the world at the World Beer Cup!

They must be doing something right! Get this deal here, and use code "STAYGRUVI" for 10% off!

5. Also new to our table is Free Spirits! They too offer 3 main spirits:

The Spirit of Gin,

The Spirit of Bourbon, and

The Spirit of Milano (Inspired by great Italian aperitivos). To be honest, we haven't tried them yet, but with a 20% Dry January Discount, it's time to give them a whirl!! Get this deal here, and use code "DRYJAN" in your cart.

6. Ritual Zero Proof has alternatives for Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, and Gin. They're all pretty good, but we regularly use their Tequila & Rum. If you subscribe, you'll get roughly 10% off!

That's it for now, but stay tuned, we may have more Dry January Deals for you in the coming days! Our advocacy for NA awareness is partially funded by purchases from our site. As an affiliate marketer, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.


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