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Why non-alcoholic drinks are rising in popularity

Think beers and wines with 0 percent alcohol and mocktails crafted for the adult palate

Emily Price

Sep 29, 2021

The drinks world is experiencing a non-alcoholic revolution. Having gained momentum over the past couple of years, the interest in and consumption of no-alcohol drinks is continuing to rise across the globe..

Whatever the reason for this, be it driven by a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, informed by situation or inspired by a taste for high-quality soft drinks , there’s no question the movement is on the up.

In its 2021 Cocktail Trends Report, Bacardi identified the non-alcoholic drinks division as one of the most dynamic in the market, stating: “Globally, 0 per cent ABV spirits have received more interest than any other spirits category for the second year running. Bartenders feel the pandemic has accelerated the trend, with consumers more open to trying 0 per cent options as their usual routines are upended ... and new goals are set.”


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