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Vibe Log

Care for a Nightcap? Sound Bath + Cocktails = Ahhh

Two nights ago, I experienced my first sound bath! It was such a delight being transported to a meditative state through instruments that create waves of soothing and echoing overlapping vibrations. Definitely worth a try (bring a yoga mat) if you ever have the opportunity! Many kudos to Jaimie Lee Bess for guiding us through this soothing therapy!

Sound bath instruments

Three Spirit (known for their award-winning botanical elixirs) hosted the fun, booze-free event at The Corner Door, a cozy neighborhood bar in Los Angeles known for serving imaginative craft cocktails. This hidden gem offers happy hour fare and a significant NA menu, full of creative and complex options. Tasty sophistication at its finest!

Three Spirit active botanical elixir bottles

The Corner Door NA menu

I was treated to the Hungarian Horntail (thank you, Silamith Maclean)! This smoky concoction (it's torched to enhance the oak flavor) features Three Spirit Nightcap - a lovely indulgent and functional botanical elixir made with aromatic plants, ancient remedies, bright spices, valerian, lemon balm and hops. All of these components, mixed with notes of vanilla and oak are intended to induce a calm, mellow feeling. And, they do! The bottle even coins "The Dream Maker" phrase as its headline description.

I fully appreciate Nightcap on its own (over ice) as a decadent bedtime sipper, but it also mixes well and it paired beautifully with The Pathfinder, All The Bitter (Aromatic) and jasmine green tea syrup for a truly exotic spin. The bartender mixed the ingredients, set them ablaze and when I lifted the lid, I was greeted by a fancy plume of smoke that enhanced the oaky notes! My palate danced as I slowly imbibed! 😛

Bartender magic!

Do we like this smooth, palate-stimulating spirit? Yes. Is it worth the buy? In our opinion...Yes.

Simply put, the combination of the Three Spirit Nightcap adaptogenic elixir + the sound bath made for an enchanting evening and reinvigorated state of mind. 😌

Note: The Three Spirit Botanical Alchemy Collection includes two other popular functional products - Livener (energizing effect) & Social Elixir (euphoric effect). All three are non-alcoholic, vegan, and gluten-free.

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