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Is Amazon Prime worth $139?

We think so.

If you're new to, you will see that we're part of the Amazon Affiliate program. Yes, we receive a small commission on purchases which helps us support the site (at no cost to you), but there are several benefits and perks to consider when you order from the vast array of booze-free beverages via Amazon Prime.

For starters, nothing beats the free two-day (or faster) shipping perk! This is especially important, for example, when you only want to purchase one bottle or box of a particular product's line. Rather than having to meet a "minimum" amount for free shipping, Prime membership allows you to experiment with various NA products at your leisure. If you have previously ordered NA beers, wines or spirits, you know exactly what I mean. ;-)

Of course, we still often buy products directly from "brand name" sites because some of our favorites are not yet available on Prime, but most of the ones that are list for the same price and there's no minimum for shipping. It's convenient because you can sample more types of beverages and throw whatever else you need into the cart. When we wish to try a product, we don't always want to wait to buy a big load simply to escape excessive shipping charges.

On another note, I seriously don't know how I went so many years handling all of the holiday and seasonal shopping for friends and family without Prime. It has not only saved me tons of time in finding the perfect gift, but it avoids the hassle and costs of shipping them myself!

Prime membership also provides access to a ton of digital services such as Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos (unlimited cloud storage), Gaming, Reading and Books, etc. You can also score deals at Whole Foods Market, gain early access to Lightning Deals, and free shipping on Woot. They've even added a free one-year Grubhub+ membership for unlimited $0 delivery fees deal on orders from eligible restaurants.

If you do not already own Prime, the current subscription service costs $139 per year for annual members, $14.99 per month and a Prime Student account is $69 per year.

Up to you...happy shopping!


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