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NA "Fresh" French 75 Cocktail

A bright and simple booze-free sparkling drink for any New Year's Eve party!

As a toast to "Dry January '23", I thought what better than a refreshing, non-alcoholic bubbly to greet the new year?!

Clean slate. New beginnings. Fresh start.

We always pop champagne on the 31st, so I decided to put a fresh twist on the French 75 ~ a classic Champagne cocktail, using lemon and mint!

Brief history of the French 75: It dates back to WW1 and is actually named after the French military's M1897 rapid-fire 75mm artillery piece. Legend has it that the combo of gin and champagne (traditional ingredients, along with lemon juice and sugar) had a powerful kick reminiscent of being shelled with this light field gun. The cocktail was created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris by barman Harry MacElhone.

For this recipe, I substituted the champagne for Lyre's Classico Grande - a sparkling celebration in a bottle - that's also available in RTD cans! And, used Monday gin (my go-to) for gin-based recipes.

This will be a party in a glass!

Enjoy...and, Happy New Year! 🥂

What you'll need:

Give it a whirl:

Toast. Taste. Celebrate the new year & a fresh, alcohol-free lifestyle!

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