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Vibe Log

The votes are in...for gin!

The non-alcoholic world is exploding and it's exciting!

As we've learned through trial and error, it can be a bit overwhelming and costly to experiment with random non-alcoholic brands in order to find ones that suit your palate. We're taking some of the guesswork out for you.

As new, complex alternative products emerge, such as botanical spirits, aperitifs, and craft beers, they serve as launching vehicles for making easy, sophisticated NA beverages. We're now able to create interesting, "adult-palate" NA drinks by mixing quality products with everyday ingredients so you can enjoy them at home.

If you've always loved a good gimlet martini or G&T, try this FRESH mix! I made one recently to celebrate 2 sober years - it's a winning combination that tastes delish! I love olives - and you can use them here - but the cocktail onions are a surprising, retro addition that pop with an unexpected salty crunch (trust me...they're not what you're remembering from back in the day - definitely worth a try!) Pearl onions also contain fewer calories than olives, so munch away! ;-)

The NA G&Tini provides a refreshing, juniper-forward taste we love with a hint of sweet and sour flavors from the tonic water. The cocktail onions add an extra burst of briny crunch. It's an easy, sophisticated drink that contains only a few ingredients.

NA G&Tini

What you'll need:

Substitution: olives for onions - only if you must!

Suggestion: chill all ingredients prior to mixing because we're not adding ice.

Give it a whirl!

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